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Construction Updates

March 2022 – Let there be Light!

march 2022

Spring is rolling in quick and the interior of the clubhouse is changing by the day! Fixtures are flooding in, including our beautiful new dining room chandlers. They are large and round to provide plenty of light while not taking away from the beautiful view out of the picture windows. Other big changes include the flooring and bar casework going in!

February 2022 – Coming in with the Color!

feb 2022

February may have been bleek outside, but inside the clubhouse color started to pop up everywhere! Painters were hard at work all across the clubhouse. The color scheme selected for the clubhouse is primarily neutral tones but with pops of color cool colors, like forest green and slate grey, to pay tribute to our dedication to nature.

January 2022 – First Sight of Finishes!

jan 2022

The new year brought a new look for the clubhouse! January was the first sight of finishes being installed. Starting with the entryway and restrooms, we got a look at new flooring, paint, fixtures, and more. After a weeks of demolition and behind the scenes work (like sprinkles, electric, plumbing, and more) this was a welcome sight! The entryway into the clubhouse is more open and inviting for guests and golfers alike.

November 2021 – New Cart Corral!

nov 2021

November flew by with outdoor renovations moving full steam ahead! The decision was made to add a new cart parking area outside of the relocated Golf Shop on the west side of the building. This will help clear up cart congestion in other areas around the clubhouse as well as make them more accessible to golfers. Other progress included the concrete patio being poured and stamped, progress in the kitchen, as well as additional duct work!

October 2021 – Shaping Up!

october 2021

With the additions up and the new roof, things are really starting to shape up! The new footprint is complete, adding an indoor outdoor bar, additional offices and storage, as well as extended outdoor seating area. The outdoor seating area patio received its new stamped and colored concrete flooring as well as the pole that will support the string lighting. Important work inside the walls was also completed, to include the remaining duct work and spray foam insulation.