2020-2021 Off Season Rates  
Non-Resident 18-Holes$31 Walk$49 Ride
Non-Resident 9-Holes$21 Walk$31 Ride
*Non-Resident Twilight $21 Walk $39 Ride
Resident 18-Holes $25 Walk$39 Ride
Resident 9-Holes $17 Walk$25 Ride
*Resident Twilight$17 Walk$31 Ride
Senior $17 Walk$31 Ride
Junior $15 Walk$25 Ride
Non-Resident 18-Holes $41 Walk$59 Ride
**Non-Resident 9-Holes $21 Walk$31 Ride
*Non-Resident Twilight$21 Walk$39 Ride
Resident 18-Holes $34 Walk$48 Ride
**Resident 9-Holes $17 Walk$25 Ride
*Resident Twilight $17 Walk$31 Ride
**Junior $15 Walk$25 Ride
*Twilight starts at 1PM
**Junior Rate & 9-Hole starts at 12PM on Weekends

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